Dialogue  Sessions with  women parliamentarians 

 Within the (civil and political empowerment initiative for women in Iraq) which carried out by UMF    and funded  by UNDEF and coordination with the  NGO commission  in Parliament and  partnership of the Iraqi Association for Political Development(IAPD) , which was established for the first time in Iraq.  In order to complete consultation and dialogue sessions with women  parliamentarians ,  (8) Other sessions set up  with various topics to support the newly  women  parliamentarians politically  and improve their performance :-
Session  (5) :- which  held at  in  side parliament  on (29/5/2015)  entitled (Iraqi  Woman  facing   terrorism  attacks) by  hosting  Dr. Wathek  Hashemi, the  director of the Center for Strategic Studies   who submit  presentation  showed  the phenomenon of extremism among women ,the reasons of their resorting  and joining to terrorist groups and how to find solutions to prevent phenomenon of extremism  growing in a society  by awareness ,  and making efforts for woman  to be  peace maker  ,   the session  provide an  area of  dialogue & discussions  with  women parliamentarians  
Session (6) :-  which  held  in side parliament  on (9/7/2015)  entitled (Parliamentary reforms in the balance of popular demands) by hosting  Dr. Amer Hassan Fayyadh , the Dean of the Political Sciences College who  present  a brief explanation  about  the reforms and how to achieve them through popular demonstrations, the session showed the importance , goals, timing and causes  of the demonstrations , then open  discussion time for  attended  MPs
Session  (7) :-  Which  held on the (IAPD) hall on (7/9/ 2015) entitled  (2016 Budget deficit  financing  ) by  hosting  the economist at Kufa  University Dr. Hassan  Zubaidi to present  economic analysis  for the current status of financing the budget deficit in 2016 and the available  alternatives  policies  for deficit financing  , session  included an interactive  discussion with women MPs 
Session (8): –  Which  held  in Al-Mansure hotel  on (12/11/2015) entitled (Women’s participation in decision-making in the political parties)  to discuss the participation of women in decision-making in  Blocs & political parties . The  Former   MP  Amira Albaldawi  presented the gains obtained by women in the constitution and elections  laws, as well as  strategies  accomplished by the government  for  women and the national action  plan  for the implementation of the  UN security council  resolution 1325, which included the participation of women in peacemaking , then discussions opened  on: –
a-     The low participation of women in decision-making and senior positions in political parties and Blocs
b-  The weakness of women’s participation in the committees of reconciliation and peace-making initiatives and peaceful coexistence
Then  discus  means of  parties  women support  and the successes and failures
Session (9): – Which  held in the Department of  Studies & Research in Parliament on (6/12 / 2015) entitled (legislations to reduce violence against women), the session moderated by  Dr. Mayada Ahadjama  the Director General of the Department  ,  she  discuss the challenges facing such legislation , highlighted  on  the protection from domestic violence Law with reference  to the  importance of  psycho- social , legal  and religious   discussion and study  to this law  before legislation
Session (10): – Which  held  in Al-Mansure hotel  on ( 26/1/2016 )  in the occasion of Women  International Day  to discus ( Woman leadership in the media… lessons and experiences) . session provided  three presentations  by three women working in media,  1st  discus the ((dealing of Iraqi  media with leader  women)) provided by Dr. Fatima Saluma . 2nd  to discus ((leader women’s media appearance)) provided by  Dr. Jabra Tai .  3rd  to discuss ((Media skills for leader  women)) provided by D.Suham Shujayri , Interventions  and  discussion opened for women MPs 
Session  (11): – Which held in  Al- Mansure hotel  on (2/2/2016  )  to discuss  ( The Decentralization )  (3)  papers presented , the first entitled ((legislation promote decentralization: economic vision) presented by Dr. Hassan al-Zubaidi, this session  attended by MPs , politicians, academics, economists, strategists, researchers, university professors and others , this paper focused on the Constitution articles and Governorates law
Session  (12): – Which held in  Al- Mansure hotel  on (5/3/2016 )  presented the second paper of Decentralization  entitled ((legislation promote decentralization: a political vision) presented by Dr. Iyad  amber, third paper entitled (legislation promote decentralization: security vision ) presented by   the General . Abdul-Karim Khalaf, was attended by MPs , politicians, academics, researchers and university professors.  Papers  led to interactive  debate  , intersected views on the adequacy of the valid  laws to strengthen decentralization and provide indications and evaluation mechanisms to this experience
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