MPs  Support Activities  in  three governorates


Within the (civil and political empowerment initiative for women in Iraq) carried out by UMF  with  partner  CSOs  in each of the target   governorate (Muthanna, Babil, Basra) , three  meetings / governorate  held   to support and activate the role of women  parliamentarians in addressing the issues and problems faced people in their governorates  and to  communicate with their constituents and  deliver  their voices  and following up their  demands  inside  parliament.

Muthanna   meetings : –   under supervision of  our partner ( Sawa  for human rights)  and  selected  members of  WSGs  three meetings organized  and held  on the Chamber of Commerce Hall  by attendance of local  community  leaders to discuss and address the priority  & most important issues  in the presence  of  women MPs   , NGOs  ,  private sector  & businessmen , elders  and tribal leaders .

 1st meeting held in (25/7/2015) to discuss (young people : unemployment  challenge) , while  2nd  meeting held  on ( 18/10/2015) to discuss ( Public authorities –  CSOs Relationship :  Challenges & opportunities ) , 3rd meeting  held on (28/ 11 /2015)   on the occasion of the 16-day campaign  of violence against women to  discuss  (political and economic empowerment of women)  with highlighting on   education and health  


Babil Meetings : – Under supervision of  our partner (Nisaba Center for Studies and Research)  and  selected  members of  WSGs ,  three meetings organized  and held on Scheherazade hall  in presence of  woman MPs  and a number  of senior officials  in  the governorate  , CSOs , clerics and tribal leaders .   1st meeting  about (Industry &  Education)  held on 13/5/2015, 2nd meeting discussed the (government reforms and  demonstrators demands)  held on 19/8/2015, , while the  3rd  meeting  discussed (rainwater crisis and  poor services )  held on ( 12/11/2015)

Basra Meetings: – Under supervision of  our partner ( Al-Firdaws Iraqi organization ) and  selected  members of  WSGs ,  three meetings organized  and held on the hall of Parliament office in Basra   , attended by  women MPs ,  local government officials , CSOs and community leaders to discuss and debate the urgent  issues in Basra . 1st meeting  discussed ( The high salinity  Basra water) on (23/4/2015) , 2nd meeting  about (increasing suffocation  cases and  unavailability of hospitals)  on (11/9/2015) ,3rd  meeting  on (10/11/2015) about (the service sector and sewage problem)

Suggestions and  recommendations  has been submitted from each  governorate  with official  letters  delivered to women MPs  with detailed reports about each meeting  to  discussed with the relevant  parliament committees and to find appropriate solutions  with women MPs  who will followed up the issues inside parliament






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