New Female Parliamentarians  Workshop’s Report
Under the slogan ((New parliamentarians workshop … skills  activation and experience  exchange)) and auspices of the parliament’s speaker , the workshop was held  in the Constitutional Hall / House of the Parliament on (18-20 / September 2014) as one of the political empowerment initiative’s activities . the workshop aimed  to strengthen the parliamentarians capabilities in order to  improve the performance of the Iraqi parliament . We planned to target 20  female  parliamentarians elected  for the first time in four governorates, the table below shows the names and blocs of the parliamentarians who  participated in the workshop



The agenda of the female  parliamentarians workshop : – This workshop is an important gate to build trust and relationships with the parliament , so the opening session of workshop included a speech to the Speaker of parliament  who  introduced by UMF  president who provide a definition of the initiative and the aim of the workshop, the workshop agenda consisting of numbers of previous parliamentarians  and other experts from media , academic  and civil society    contributions and interventions to provide their expertise for new elected women , where each of them offered his view  about the representative role of MPs . 

The presentation  about the legislative and observing  role of  MPs  and  the parliament  committees membership between reality and the rules of procedure  by the legal adviser  of the Parliament   who received  important questions and interventions by female MPs. The presentation  about coalitions building and advocacy & lobbying  inside Parliament by Mr. Yasser Saleh  who works as a consultant in the National Alliance Office. the workshop ended by welcoming and introducing the partners  CSOs in the four target  governorates  and  held work groups between the participants female parliamentarians in each  governorate separately with the head of each partner  CSO to discus the future activities and means of coordination .



The most important outputs of the workshop:-

1-The  distinguished  presence of personalities and different  parties  in the workshop , while the opening session has been attended by  The Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, who supported the workshop  to confirm his interest  in the role of women , Ms. Shatha Alabbosi  the former  MP  and the adviser of the parliament  President , Ms. Rana Haddad  representative of Iraq  UN-Woman Office director , Ms. Alaa al-Sadoun the former MP, as well as the presence and participation of the former and current  MP  Ms.  Intisar Jubouri  in the workshop, and this marks the interest and support of the  Parliament to this initiative

2- The female parliamentarians (%) response to attend and participate in the workshop has reached (70.5%) were invited (17) elected  women for the first time in the  four  target governorates while (12) of them have responded  by attendance and participation, while (8) interventions important and high value contributions  included (20) questions , as well as attendance of uninvited MPs from  out of the target governorates to take advantages , their presence can be described  as high-commitment and involvement

3-The participated  parliamentarians  expressed their need to repeat these initiatives and have shown their desire to get  training sessions to review and discuss different subjects, especially with regard to the rules of procedure and the Constitution as well as media appearance  training and other parliamentary skills, it  is worth mentioning that the MPs training workshops have receded dramatically after a stop of  the international  organization such as (NDI & IRI) their activities , which was providing specialist training , we  have an integrated program of guiding sessions by experts with various topics as well as training workshops within the empowerment initiative , we seek to complete it  through the support and continuous coordination with Parliament

4- The participants  expressed  their attention to the information and experiences provided by the guests and lecturers, and in light of this rich expertise and experience that has been displayed by the former MPs , UMF  suggests to utilize from these possibilities in any workshop or session for discussion or a seminar and not to  reliance  on foreign coaches or the imported expertise because they will  not correspond   with the political conditions in Iraq and they will not provide the useful possibilities for trainees


5- Agreement  with female parliamentarians on the mechanism of communication with local leaders and with the UMF  initiative in order to activate their representative support the voters needs inside the parliament sessions and follow up their implementation. UMF seeks  by the initiative activities  to  establish a political consulting clinic  in collaboration with politicians inside  the  House of Parliament  

6- Referring and introduce the establishment of the political training Academy of political within the activities of the initiative, which will provide (12) sessions in different parliamentary  topics and we will  take into account   the female parliamentarians priorities and needs which they have listed below :-  

  • a-Formation and activation of the feminist coalition in parliament
  • b-Expand the legislative and regulatory culture
  • c-Explanation of the Constitution and Rules of Procedure
  • d-Clarify the functions of the parliament committees
  • e-Media appearance and public communication
  • f-MPsPerformance in Committees
  • g-The mechanism of the Constitutional legislation & monitoring
  • h-Lawmakers – government relationship
  • i-Clarify the Parliamentary terminology
  • j-The role and responsibilities of MPs
  • k-Viewing the experiences of women parliamentarians in other countries





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