Political consultation  clinic

Within the (civil and economic empowerment initiative for women in Iraq), which is implemented by  UMF  and  funded by  UNDEF  and through  Iraqi Association for Political Development (IAPD)  activities  specially  Coaching & mentoring system  for  women parliamentarians program . The clinic passed the following stages:-

The Clinic Advertising: – Opening  the consultation clinic  has  announced  to  provide political consulting  about parliamentary performance and parliamentary skills in legislation and monitoring  and with the community for  six months  by  specific mechanisms  mentioned  in advertisement   which distributed over the  parliamentarians ( both men & women )  mailboxes . Distributing  poster  of Clinic advertisement  in Parliament  building .  Advertisement  distribution  in the monthly  sessions  with  women parliamentarians

Contract with  (coach + mentor ) and Action Plan: – contract  with (2) (coach +mentor ) within the Coaching & mentoring  system  for women parliamentarians  for 3 months to provide  coaching and mentoring  for 3 months , one of them  to submit  consultation through mobile call  in  the day work time  . Agreement has been obtained from the NGOs committee  to  customize  a place in the  committee inside parliament  for direct meeting of MPs   with  political expert who provides direct political consult   and  specifying the days and times for meetings . Also specify the data to be collected and output that will be announced as well as the expected results.  The first three months  after announcement on (25/July/2015)  we faced a challenge  that   we do not   get any contact from MPs to take advantage of these services

The solutions proposed  &  new plan: – in cooperation with NGOs committee   a meeting has been  organized with advisers and secretaries of the Parliament  committees in order to display  our initiative, and  present  coaching & mentoring system  for women parliamentarians, and  the services offered by the consultation  clinic and  asking about ways of  clinic activation . the results gained from this meeting  suggestion  to deliver    consultation  to the committees to  speed of  laws  legislation  . Based on this meeting we reconsider  our  plan  to deliver consultation and  studies paper drafting  to  support  MPs  in  legislation process

Consultation clinic achievements : – part of an action plan include overture committees across their  presidency and  members to provide counseling  of legislation priorities   for each Committee, then selecting the relevant  experts  , focus groups meeting set up   for discussion  & the issue required consult , identify  study  paper  that support the Committee and members,  The Clinic   carried out  the below  achievements :-

a-Suggestions paper  of Political Parties law :-  according to NGOs committee request

b-Suggestions paper of  Bar Act : – according to NGOs committee request

c- Study paper  of   ((protection from domestic violence law ): –  delivered  to committees (women, human rights, legal, Religious Affairs(

d- Study  paper of (( the cumulative average  calculating for high  School  degree students)) : –  delivered  to Education Committee

e- Legislative priorities paper  to  the Regions and provinces Committee

f- Legislative priorities  paper to the Economy and Investment committee

g- training  plan for MPs  delivered to  parliamentary development committee

•  Setting up three focus group meetings

Official letters to the Committees of ( NGOs , the Regions and provinces , Economy and Investment,  Education , Women ,  Human Rights , the Legal , the Religious Affairs ) , and to  the Office of the First Deputy of  Parliament

• success  achieved   by the clinic activities  is the cooperation  with the Research and Studies Department  in Parliament  according to their desire  to held  joint meeting   and take advantage of  the clinic  ability to provide  experts from diverse disciplines,  we  agreed to  provide  joint studies  to support and improve MPs and committees  performance

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