Support activities for women parliamentarians after elections in Baghdad


Within UMF initiative (civil and political empowerment initiative for women in Iraq) funded by UNDEF , number of programs and activities  will be implemented to support the new parliamentarians in the four targeted  governorates  inside  and outside  the parliament building by the partner CSOs and WSG , the main goal of this support activities is  to  activate  the  communication with the community  & meet  their  needs and to  improve the representative role of the parliamentarians , meetings  with men  local leaders  and activists (men &women)  in each target governorate  with WSGs and partner CSOs  by supervision of UMF  , the following meetings implemented in Baghdad   :-

1- Meeting with (10)  men  local leaders was held in the hall of the Mansour Hotel on 11th August  2014 , after introduction   and defined  the initiative and objectives of support  for new parliamentarians and  clarified what could add to their performance as a result of ongoing communication. Each person of the local leaders (Former president of University , (2) Muslim cleric, president of industrialists grouping , media person , businessman ,  (2) tribal leader, a Christian cleric )  presented his vision and the topics which he prefer to discus and followed by the parliamentarians , UMF team and WSG collected the information to transfer it to the newly elected women.



2- Meeting  with  (15) women activists  was held in  parliament office which located out of parliament building  in 2th  December 2014 this date coincided with the period of the ( 16 days  to stop  violence against women campaign) which  was an important topic to  encourage the parliamentarians to adopt programs and issues related to battered women in light of the security  deterioration .  two newly elected women  attended  the meeting   who  commitment   to adopt the topics which was presented  by activists  through continuous communication with them and exchange  their  contacts information , UMF group and WSG documented and collected the activists demands and suggestions 



3- Meeting  of  (15)  men local leaders and activists  with  human Rights Committee  in Parliament in 17th February  2015  for discussion and deliver suggestions about  the internally displaced people ( IDPs)  rights & needs .  meeting attended by the head of the HR committee and one of the new elected female parliamentarian  who  has  received the meeting report sent by UMF  in order to follow up  the local leaders suggestions 





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