Support activities of women parliamentarians in the target governorates Local leaders meetings in Basra, Babil, Muthanna

Within the  (Civil and Political  Empowerment Initiative for women in Iraq), which implemented by  UMF and  3 partner CSOs in the target governorates (Muthanna, Babil, Basra)

Sawa Organization for Human Rights in Muthanna   set up   a meeting on 18 / February / 2015 with a group of  local leaders (17 persons ) in the presence of  MP  Khadija  Wady to discuss the  health  situation and challenges faced the  governorate  (lack of medical staff , medications  high rates , pathological analysis diagnosis ) and other things that prevent  the progress of  society life , recommendations about the meeting topics  sent to  the new female MP, which will follow-up with parliament  through the specialized  committee



Nisaba Center for Research and Studies set up a meeting  host  (14) of local leaders in Babil  on 26 / February / 2015  to discuss  the health and the environment  situation , as well as the displaced f crises  ,  suggestions & recommendations  provided and received by the female new MP Manal Almuslimawi  office for following up 


Al-Firdaws  Association also held a meeting in Basra  on 18 / March / 2015 with (24 persons) of local leaders to discuss  the reasons of  spread the  drug abuse  phenomenon. important  discussions and debates in presence state officials and the director of parliament office in Basra who received the suggestions &  

Recommendations to follow –up by the female  new MP  



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